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The Hungarian Gray Cattle

The Hungarian Gray Cattle
3 800 Ft
Akció: 1 500 Ft
  • Hungary was at one time the "breadbasket" of Europe. That the Carpathian Basin could support such - large numbers of animals was due not only to its unique geographical characteristic - rich pastures and large,clear rivers - but also to the knowledge, experience of the herdsmen, one of whose major achievements was their breeding program leading to the evolution of the Hungarian Grey.
    This animal coped well with the highly variable climate: zhe cold winters did not harm it, and it fattened quickly on the spring-summer grasses; and it was particularly resistant to illness. If has now been proved that the meat of this animal, raised under natural conditions, is rich in iron and vitamins and has distinct taste. Dishes prepared from its meat are singularly flavoursome and are based on recipes,which have been guarded over the centuries. The recipes given in this book have been used to prepare dishes by herdsmen on the Hortobágy, firemen in the Kunság, housewives in Sárköz and leading chefs. Dishes prepared from the Hungarian Grey are part of our national heritage, a treasure which must be passed on the future.
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    Tibor Bellon - Mihály Kútvölgyi
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